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Is it painful to do a Candy Lips?

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I would love to do a Candy Lips, but I'm a little apprehensive about the pain... Have any of you done this before? If so, was the pain bearable?

Thank you for your answers,

Morgane 😊

2 Answers

Hello Morgane!

I did it, it's a little painful because the specialist scratches the lip with a needle. But she made it clear that the pain is different for everyone! During the procedure, she moisturizes with a soothing cream that softens the lip and reduces the burning sensation. I put a little video for you to illustrate what I am saying 😉

TranNguyen TranNguyen 01/12/2023 4:10 pm

@kamila-mahiout thank you for this precise answer! I was just wondering about pain, I want to do microshading and candy lips. I'm apprehensive about both but even more so about the candy lips as my lips are sensitive and are often chapped when it's cold.

Good evening 😉

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hello, So I had Dark lips pigmentation, pigment is also introduced via a needle, it's just that this technique is to neutralize my dark lip.

As for the pain, it's bearable except at the end when it started to hurt a bit, but as the professional told me, you have to suffer a bit to look beautiful. As the lip is a mucous membrane, it's more sensitive than the eyebrows, for example, but frankly, you don't think about it any more as you come back for touch-ups!!! 😉

Go for it! 😊 😊


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