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Microblading: What You Should Know About Getting Flawless Brows

From Instagram and TikTok to Snapchat and YouTube, beautiful brows are having a moment. It's no secret that a complete makeup routine requiring you to do your eyes, lips, face, and brows can take up much time. Not to mention, features that need thorough symmetry, such as your eyebrows, can be challenging to style without the right skills. That's why many people use microblading eyebrows to have beautiful, perfect brows 24/7.
But before you say yes to microblading natural brows, it's essential to understand a few things about the technique. Before committing to gorgeous permanent eyebrows, here's what you should know.

What is Microblading?

It is a permanent makeup technique that uses cosmetic tattooing to fill in sparse eyebrows, giving them a fuller look and accentuating their features. It also helps restructure the eyebrows to give them a completely new shape. Unlike regular tattoos, which stay on your body forever, pigment from the microblading process lasts about 2 years. This is because the technique uses comparatively less pigment and different tools from a traditional tattooing procedure to give you natural-looking brows. She uses less intrusive tools than traditional tattooing to give you natural-looking eyebrows.

Dermis hypodermis
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The Benefits

Wondering if it is the right choice for you? Here are some of its benefits to help you decide:

  • They look natural and enhance your beauty
  • You look put-together and ready for parties, meetings, and events
  • You don't have to spend time doing your brows in the morning
  • They're waterproof, so you look gorgeous at the pool and on the beach as well
  • You save money on getting your brows done and other brow products like gels, powders, and brushes

What a Typical Session Feels Like

The procedure will last about 3 hours in serious and professional salon and you will feel some tenderness and swelling after so pick the day of your appointment carefully.
Here's what you can expect at a typical session:

  • You'll have to spend a couple of minutes filling out a consent form, which explains what the process will include and asks questions about your health. This helps the salon determine if the procedure is appropriate for you.
  • A half-hour consultation allows you to discuss the main challenges you face when styling your brows and your preferred shape. For instance, some prefer a softer aesthetic, while others want a more seductive look. Your artist will ask you about any medications you take and use a pencil to draw a mock-up of what the final brows will look like. They'll also show you the different colors to choose from so you can decide whether to pick a bold or lighter shade.
  • • Once you've agreed on the shape and color, your artist will apply a numbing cream and let it sit for around half an hour.
  • Once the area is numb, you won't experience excessive discomfort. • The process of injecting the ink into the skin has a slight scratching sensation, but it's nothing too severe.
Microblading vs Microshading vs Micrograyling

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Comment se déroule une séance ?

La séance dure environ 2 à 3 heures dans les salons sérieux. Vous ressentirez une certaine sensibilité et un gonflement par la suite. Choisissez donc soigneusement le jour de votre rendez-vous.
Voici ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre lors d'une séance typique :

  • Vous devrez passer quelques minutes à remplir un formulaire de consentement, qui explique le déroulement de l'intervention et pose des questions sur votre santé. Cela permet au salon de déterminer si la procédure est appropriée pour vous.
  • Une consultation d'une demi-heure vous permet de discuter des principales difficultés que vous rencontrez pour styliser vos sourcils et de la forme que vous préférez. Par exemple, certaines personnes préfèrent une esthétique plus douce, tandis que d'autres veulent un look plus séduisant. Votre artiste vous posera des questions sur les médicaments que vous prenez et utilisera un crayon pour dessiner une maquette de ce à quoi ressembleront les sourcils définitifs. Il vous montrera également les différentes couleurs disponibles, afin que vous puissiez décider si vous préférez une teinte audacieuse ou plus claire.
  • Une fois que vous êtes d'accord sur la forme et la couleur, votre artiste applique une crème apaisante et la laisse agir pendant environ une demi-heure.
  • Une fois la zone engourdie, vous ne ressentirez pas de gêne excessive. Le processus d'injection de l'encre dans la peau provoque une légère sensation de grattage, mais rien de trop grave.
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Microblading Healing Process

The healing process after a procedure takes about one month. Here's the microblading evolution you can expect in the first 30 days.

Weeks 1 and 2

The first three days, your brows may seem extra full, and you'll see some swelling, tenderness, and mild bleeding. As the discomfort starts to fade, the skin under your brows will form a microblading healing scrab. This is a sign that your skin is healing.
At the end of the first week, you'll notice the skin flaking, peeling, and forming scabs again. This flaking softens the color, but as your brows heal, the color returns. Avoid picking on the scabs and let them come off naturally. After week 1, the flaking will stop, and the color will come back too.

Weeks 3 and 4

Once your skin stops forming scabs, the color should appear more natural and evenly dispersed through your brows. You'll also start to see individual brow hairs, giving them a feathery look. Once week 4 rolls around, you should stop feeling discomfort, and a softer appearance will replace the bold color and shape. You can visit the salon after a month to ensure that your skin has healed, and your technician can fill up any empty spots.

How To Choose the Right Microblading Salon for You

As the technique gains more and more popularity, new salons are opening up at every corner. With so many to choose from, how do you know if you're approaching the right one? Here's what to consider when choosing a microblading salon.

  • Experience: Your brows are delicate, so even the slightest mistake can cause asymmetrical brows Hence, it's essential to choose an experienced professional for your procedure.
  • Hygiene and Quality: The tools penetrate the skin, so maintaining hygiene and using high-quality tools is essential. Visit the salon, or check their website beforehand to ensure that the equipment and hygiene conditions meet industry standards.
  • Social Media Presence: A salon's reputation will speak for itself. When looking for a reputable salon, check their social media profiles for microblading before/after pictures, so you know what to expect.
  • Customer Reviews: A salon must have a satisfied customer base if it offers impeccable services. Check out the salon's microblading eyebrow reviews to learn if it's worth your time. If you spot a lot of one-star reviews or an image saying ‘microblading failed,' it's a sign that they can't offer high-quality services.
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FAQs Microblading

Is microblading risky?
The procedure itself is safe, but if your artist uses unsterilized equipment or water on your skin, this can lead to the spread of bacteria or viruses.
Is Microblading painful?
Although the process takes a few hours, it is not painful. In general, you'll feel only a slight pinch as the ink is injected.
Is Microbalding safe?
As long as your artist uses sterilized equipment and has the proper training and credentials to perform the service, microblading is a safe way to achieve well-defined eyebrows.
How long does microblading last?
In general, your eyebrows can retain a beautiful, finished look for 18 to 30 months, depending on how often you visit the salon for a touch-up. Your lifestyle and skin type also play a role.
How much does Microblading cost?
Microblading generally costs between €300 and €1,000. The price depends on several factors such as the reputation of the salon or artist, the tools used, the location of the salon, and whether the cost covers touch-ups.


Microblading is a safe and effective way to give your brows a flawless arch and more intense color that lasts for months. As long as you choose the right salon and artist for your brows, you'll get excellent results. If you'd like to find out more about this procedure, continue the discussion on our forum dedicated to Microblading.

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