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Dark Lips – Everything you need to know about this lip neutralization and beautification technique

Dark Lips

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Why can you safely opt for Dark Lips? For centuries, women have used makeup techniques to enhance facial features, such as the lips, to look beautiful and seductive. This is how the trend of using lipsticks and shades to accentuate and complement the skin tone and harmonize its appearance was born. But for the lipstick of your choice to give the desired color, your lips must have a neutral shade. Dark lips are a significant concern for any woman who aims for a flawless appearance, even without makeup.

That’s why procedures like lip correction are gaining popularity among women who have dark lips naturally or due to environmental factors. But before making an appointment, it is essential to research the procedure. Here’s what you need to know about the technique, the healing process, and what you can expect from an in-salon session.

What is the Dark Lips?

Also known as dark lip neutralization, this permanent makeup technique suits people with cooler skin tones and generally darker lips. In this procedure, the Artist corrects and neutralizes uneven color on the lips. Most people who opt for this technique have purple, blue, gray, or brown lips and prefer a warm red or pink color.

This is because women have different lip colors, not always the peachy pink or candy red shades seen in movies. The amount of melanin in our skin somewhat determines this color. The more melanin we have, the darker our skin is, right down to the lips.

Dark Lips to neutralize
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How does it work?

With the Dark Lips technique, the Artist uses a unique needle to inject artificial pigments of different colors into the dermis. The dye then interacts with the lip’s natural color, which is obtained from melanin. The overall color changes depending on the pigments injected into the lips and their reaction with the melanin in the lips. Since artists cannot determine the final color, they cannot guarantee a specific shade.

Nevertheless, the procedure gives darker-colored lips a lighter, more even color, so they look much brighter. The corrective process can also help improve the color of pale lips by giving them a blush-like color.

Blue Lips
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The benefit of the Dark Lips correction

Wondering if Dark Lips correction is the right option? Here are some of the advantages of choosing this technique:

  • You get well-defined lips with harmonious contours.
  • It enhances color for a tremendous no-makeup look and dresses up your smile.
  • It lasts long and does not fade.
  • Your lipstick will give a better color result in one application.
  • No need to correct the color of the lips before applying lipstick.

Causes of dark lips

  • Your lips may be darkened naturally or due to environmental factors. Of course, this can be due to skin problems that affect the amount of melanin in your skin. For example, you may suffer from hyperpigmentation, also known as melasma. This causes an abnormal increase in melanin in the skin, especially around the lips, due to excessive sun exposure.
  • Bruises, allergic reactions, medications, and smoking are all lifestyle or environmental reasons you may have dark lips.
  • People naturally have darker lips due to a darker skin tone and want to lighten them.
  • Too much caffeine, theine, spices, and cola drinks.

Uneven skin tone

Sometimes people are not faced with dark lips but with discoloration and white spots due to vitiligo. In this condition, the melanocytes, responsible for the production of melanin, die. This causes white spots to appear. Lip color correction improves skin tone by adding color to different areas.

Dark Lips after
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What you can expect from a typical procedure

Although the permanent makeup technique gives long-lasting results, the procedure takes a few hours. Here is what you can expect from your Artist.


Dark Lips Neutralization is only suitable for people whose skin contains more melanin naturally or due to hyperpigmentation. During the initial consultation, you will sit down with your Artist, and he or she will ask you questions about any skin conditions, medications, or hormonal disorders. This will help her understand the cause of the darkening of your lips.

He will also ask you how your skin reacts to scratches or wounds. Is the scarring lighter or darker than the original color? If it tends to heal darker, your lips may become even darker after the procedure. It is, therefore, essential to discuss everything with your Artist before the first session.

You then decide which pigments to use and discuss how the skin will react. Because each person has unique skin cells, they recover differently. Not to mention that the skin on the lips is very delicate, so the body’s immune response to the pigments will determine the overall result.

During the consultation, your permanent makeup artist will suggest a color that suits your lips. Generally, he chooses a golden or yellow shade for lips with a deep purple tint. For bluish lips, he uses orange or another warm color. Once they have healed, it gives a pinkish tint.

First session

During your first session, your artist’s primary goal is to neutralize cool tones. This is especially true for African skin, which is naturally darker in color. Your artist will use warm pigments to soften the darker tones of the lips.

It is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing as the session may last more than two hours. After showing you the color pigments, they will be used to neutralize cool tones, and your artist will outline your lips to show where they will inject the dyes. He will then apply a soothing cream to the affected area and leave it on for half an hour.

Once the soothing cream has worked, he will use a single needle to inject the pigments into the area. You will feel slight pinching or burning. The degree of pain is specific to the sensitivity of each person.

Depending on the color you get after the first session and the healing process that follows, the second session will involve another round of neutralization or the use of pigmented colors like pink. If your lips get a lighter, more even tone after just one color neutralization session, it’s time to add targeted pigments. But in general, neutralizing cold skin tones requires at least two sessions.

Second session

Once your Artist has determined that your lips have a lighter color and are evenly toned, he or she will begin using targeted pigments for the staining process. He usually sticks to reds and pinks and avoids shades of purple or blue, which are cool colors.

However, this procedure cannot guarantee that you will get an exact lip color. All you’ll get is a brighter, more evenly toned lip. Ultimately, the final color will depend on how your body heals and reacts to the pigments.

Dark Lips result
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The healing process

Since the procedure produces semi-permanent results, it is only natural that your lips will need some time to heal after the procedure. This is what the healing and follow-up process can look like.

  • After the first session of the neutralization procedure, your lips need 6 to 8 weeks to heal.
  • During this period, the color of the pigment will begin to fade.
  • Shortly after the session, your lips may be bright red and have some swelling, but this is normal. The color can remain the same for about a week.
  • Your Artist may recommend avoiding sun exposure, strenuous activities such as high-intensity exercise, and applying makeup. He will also prescribe an ointment to moisturize the lips and prevent itching.
  • While your lips are recovering, be sure to keep them clean and moisturized.
  • One week after the first procedure, your lips will begin to flake and peel, but be careful not to scratch these scabs. Otherwise, you risk creating scars that will lead to new pigmentation.
  • After the first two weeks, the bright color obtained during the first session will diminish, and the pigment will start to react with the melanin in the body. The intensity of the color will initially decrease to about 60% of what it was.
  • A new round of scabs and abrasions may occur. So be sure to continue your regular care program.

Then, you can go to your artist for a follow-up, during which he or she will perform a second session. This may include a targeted pigment or another neutralization cycle. In both cases, you can expect the skin to go through a similar healing phase, but it heals quickly in about 4-6 weeks.

Dark Lips result after
Credits: Depositphotos


Choosing The Right Salon

Once you’ve decided to go with Dark Lips, it’s time to choose a suitable Artist and permanent makeup salon. This will not be easy considering the number of salons that have started offering this service due to the high demand. Here’s how to choose a reliable professional:

  • Ask about their experience: If an Artist has years of experience, you will know that they have worked with different shades and colors of lips. More experience also means that he is up to date in using the latest equipment and techniques. This ensures better quality results that meet your expectations.
  • Check salon hygiene standards: While Dark Lips is generally safe, using unsterilized equipment can lead to poor results. Plan a visit before your first session to check the salon’s hygiene conditions. Ask if they sterilize and disinfect all equipment according to industry standards before and after a session.
  • Check it out on Pinterest, Instagram to TikTok through Facebook and YouTube they serve as a portfolio of services for trade shows. These are the best places to see before and after pictures of Dark Lips. These will give you an idea of how much your lips have changed after treatment.
  • Check out Dark Lips reviews: You’ll find customer reviews on the salon’s social media accounts, official website, and Google business page. If you spot reviews stating that the Dark Lips has failed, you’ll know which salon to avoid…
How much does a Dark Lips session cost?

Generally, treatment for Dark Lips is between $500 and $1 200. However, it may vary depending on the artist, the location of the salon, and the number of sessions needed to achieve the final look, which may require several touch-ups.

Is the Dark Lips painful?

Since most salons use a soothing cream before starting the session, you will only feel a slight pinching sensation when the pigment is injected into the skin.

Does the Dark Lips need touching up?

You will need a second session about six weeks after the first. If cool tones have been effectively neutralized, it’s time to use targeted pigments like pink or red. If not, you will undergo a second round of neutralization or more, depending on the results.

Does the Dark Lips look natural?

Your Artist will use an appropriate pigment to neutralize cool tones, then blend a targeted shade that complements your natural skin tone. This ensures a natural look.

How long does a Dark Lips last ?

Depending on your skin type, sun exposure, and post-session care, it will last approximately one to three years.


Overall, Dark Lips is a safe and effective permanent makeup technique that lightens dark, bluish, or purplish lips and gives them an even tone. It serves as a pre-treatment for lip color to achieve attractive natural pink or peach lips. Just be sure to consult with a qualified Artist to determine if this is the correct procedure for you, and practice proper follow-up after each session. If you want to know more about this technique and related processes, you can join the discussion on our forum dedicated to Dark Lips.


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