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Applying the perfect, similar eyeliner on both eyes is a difficult task. Achieving accuracy can take time and several tries for many people. Difficulty applying eyeliner can send you into a tailspin, making you sick of wearing it. After all, putting on makeup shouldn't be that hard.

Eyeliner tattoos can be bold or subtle, depending on your preference. Nevertheless, a single cosmetic tattoo appointment can give you beautiful eyes that won't need makeup.

Before booking your eyeliner tattoo session, please read our complete guide to get all the necessary information.

What is permanent eyeliner makeup?

Permanent eyeliner makeup is a cosmetic procedure performed by a qualified artist (permanent makeup artist). The pigment is deposited only on the top layer of the skin and differs significantly from the ink used for body tattooing. Since the color is intended to fade over time, the term “semi-permanent” was used. Clients can request permanent makeup with thin or thick eyeliner. Some may even prefer medium thickness permanent makeup.

Technical eyeliner
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Eyelash shaving vs. Mucous Eyeliner vs. Eyeliner

Eyelash shaving

A more natural-looking permanent makeup along the lash line is called a lash line. Permanent makeup artists fill in a small line between the lashes with pigment to give the appearance of fuller, darker lashes that look natural.

A soft, smoky effect behind your lashes that looks very natural is known as a lash line. The lash line is a fantastic solution to make short, sparse lashes look thicker. This slight change has a significant impact.

Eyeliner of the mucosa

The mucous eyeliner defines the inner waterline of the eye. It's a delicate eyeliner that gives the eyes a striking and brightening impact. Black mucous pigments seal in a larger eye shape while adding an attractive look.

This technique highlights your beautiful eyes! The practice of coloring the inner mucosal tissue sometimes called the “wet line,” enhances your eyes. It gives dimension and vivacity to your eyes.


Permanent eyeliner makeup helps accentuate the eyes. It draws a permanent line on your upper or lower eyelid. You can get more defined and smudge-free eyes. With these permanent makeups, you can produce a subtle, organic look or striking look, depending on your preference.

Advantages of the permanent makeup of the Eyeliner

Because permanent eyeliner defines the lash line, it is popular among people who have lost their lashes or want a slight augmentation.

People with busy schedules can also save time by opting for a bolder eyeliner line, which is fantastic on vacation. The procedure is popular with clients who may have difficulty applying symmetry to their makeup due to shaky hands or vision loss.

  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Draw attention to the shape and color of your eyes without traditional makeup.
  • Eliminates the need to use makeup eyeliner.
  • Time saving
Eyeliner styles
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How do traditional tattoos differ from permanent makeup?

The concept of permanent eyeliner makeup is similar to traditional tattoos. However, the two styles are different.

  • The color of permanent makeup fades over time because it is only applied to the top layers of the skin. The ink used for traditional tattoos penetrates the skin much deeper.
  • It is only temporary, lasting from 12 to 18 months, and usually requires an annual “touch-up”.
  • It is less painful than a classic skin art tattoo.
  • Semi-permanent makeup inks have fewer metallic bases, which prevents the ink from sticking to the skin permanently.

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Styles

Fine eyeliner

Fine eyeliner helps clients maintain their natural look while simultaneously helping their eyes stand out from the rest of their facial features. This is a fantastic choice for those who prefer a thin line of eyeliner with the ability to thicken it with makeup.

Medium width eyeliner

Women who wear makeup daily and like a look that makes their eyes bold yet somewhat natural should use a medium width eyeliner.

Eyeliner with a larger width

Many people prefer something other than thick, bold eyeliner styles. Thicker permanent eyeliner makeup can help you achieve a dramatic look if you like bold makeup.

Bolder eyeliner

Wings are more of a “fashion” look, but you have to be careful when doing them because the glands on the inner and outer corners of the eye are in a “forbidden” area. Due to the small pigment molecules in this area, it is possible to get a very terrible migration and spread of color that is difficult to erase if you get a tattoo there. As your eyes change with age, the wings are also difficult to maintain.

Eyelash shaving
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Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Procedure

  • The technician will verify the layout and appearance that you had previously decided upon.
  • During the treatment, your eye is first cleaned and then the part that will be made up is carefully disinfected
  • Your technician will use gloves and magnifying glasses for reasons of hygiene and precision.
  • The technician will gradually inject the pigment into your skin using a tattoo needle. Most experienced tattoo artists use a digital machine and narrow gauge needles to produce subtle shadows and lines.

Healing of the permanent make-up of the Eyeliner

. The healing process usually takes seven to ten days. Here are some precautions to take to ensure a speedy recovery.

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes frequently; this helps prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Avoid going to saunas or swimming in pools or at the beach.
  • Avoid using eye makeup for a few days (especially mascara, as it can contain a lot of bacteria that can increase the risk of infection before the skin is completely healed from the tattooing process.
  • Avoid intense exercise that makes your face sweat.
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How to choose the best eyeliner?

Ideally, you only want to trust a trained and experienced permanent makeup artist to work on your eyes. You want to avoid all the risks that can harm your eyes. Here are some helpful tips for finding the best eyeliner tattoo artist near you.

  • Ask about the artist's experience and training to verify their expertise.
  • Compare the prices of different permanent make-up salons
  • Ask for before-and-after photos of their previous clients or find them on their social media pages to get an idea of what the results will look like.
  • Check reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.


If you are still looking for an eyeliner application, you may want to undertake a permanent makeup procedure. Permanent eyeliner makeup may be right for you if you want to save time and get long-lasting eyeliner.

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